Erie, PA

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Erie is the official beer capital of the world, when you are here you will find the best beers that the world has to offer and even more!


Lavery Brewing Company

They make good beers, no brewpub at the moment. Dulachan is a solid IPA, Liopard Oir is a light saison that needs a bit of time before the Brett comes out, Devil Bird is interesting. Imperial Red is kinda boring.


What a hilarious name. Brewpub that only serves PA beers which is pretty cool, their stuff is mostly boring but I've never had any of their rare Belgian releases (they're probably boring too)

Southern Tier

is about 45 minutes away, so that's one reason to come to Erie

Voodoo Brewing

is about an hour south, so that's another. Brewpub with a nice selection of beers, most of which are weird but Big Black Voodoo Daddy is a really good stout.

Bottle Shops

Six Pack House of Beer

Good selection and the people aren't dicks, probably one of the best selections in town.

U-Pick-6 (Upper Peach)

Everyone who works there is a dick, they get some rarer stuff on tap but they don't have too many taps. They do tend to get in rarer bottles than other places in Erie

Harborcreek Giant Eagle

P awesome people and a good beer selection, also a goon works there and if you say "stairs" he'll blush and you can talk to him about how cool Lowtax probably is in person and how cool it would be if you could post in fyad but that is too intimidating


Like the above but minus the goon, grocery stores are a dependable source of bottles around here, and typically at cheaper prices than the independent shops


There are a lot of them, go to State Street and just walk around like everyone else. The demand for craft beer has risen to the point that most bars realize they need to offer at least something above domestic.

The Taphouse

By far the best one in Erie, they are owned by U-Pick-6 but are a complete bar. Rotating taps of stuff you typically can't get on tap around here. Not necessarily anything rare, but always good. Plus they let you sample a lot.

The Crooked I

Usually has good music on weekends, smaller room toward the street has more beers on tap. There is typically a Green Flash tap here too, which is nice.

The Plymouth

Seriously not too many craft options, but they give away free popcorn (peanuts on Thursdays) and its right next to the porn store so yknow just go wild idk

The Ruffed Grouse

Proudly named after the PA state bird, this is located in distant North East. Usually something solid on tap and a decent bottle selection, there are also 6-ish wineries in North East so if you need a break from beer this is cool. Speedeez is down the street for when you wanna forget your feelings.

Stupid PA Garbage

Ok here we go:

  • Anything above 192oz has to be purchased at a beer distributor. This means cases.
  • Anything 192oz and below has to be purchased at a bar, restaurant, or bottle shop. Grocery stores get away with this by having a "restaurant" area with separate exits and registers that can only be used for prepared food purchases. Bars are generally more expensive. Bottle shops are rarer in Erie.
  • Wine and liquor can only be purchased at Wine & Spirits stores, unless they are being sold directly by the winery/distillery.
  • Yuengling is everywhere, get your fill.